Beauty is an attitude

Our perceptions about the world are mostly based on appearances. But true beauty also comes from within – this means that according to Asian tradition we take time to accept and love ourselves by being kind to ourselves and feeling good in our own skin. Our aim is to develop cosmetics that support this kind of natural beauty and natural processes. This is the core of the OJESH philosophy.

Beauty is the glow
from within

We are all in search of that certain something, that shine, that special “GLOW”.

Glow knows no age!

OJESH reveals the secret of flawless Asian skin. Thanks to its unique composition, OJESH slows down the skin aging process and deeply nourishes the skin with a moisturizing, repairing effect.

Beauty is

Our goal is to improve the well-being of women and men around the world with products of the highest quality, which are developed and manufactured in Germany. With OJESH you choose beauty and a lifestyle of affordable luxury.


Our skin is a miraculous masterpiece that we must handle with care. Our aim is to develop cosmetics that supports natural beauty and natural processes.

OJESH Knowledge

OJESH products are researched and developed in close cooperation with experienced pharmacists and cosmetic experts. They are rated “VERY GOOD” by internationally recognized dermatologists.

OJESH Passion

Our skin is a fascinating multi-talent spreading over an area of around two square meters. Through our skin we perceive our environment. It is also an expression of age and lifestyle, so it needs special care and sufficient nourishment.


OJESH offers high quality at a fair price. It is important to us that you feel good about your skin – at any age.


Jassen GmbH was founded in Nuremberg in 2008. The company has developed and produced its high-quality products exclusively in Germany with an experienced team of scientists and pharmacists, as well as its own research team in Nuremberg.

Inspired by the relentless pursuit of the highest quality standards, the company has developed formulations from innovative and sustainable active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and pharmaceutically proven plant extracts. The founders of Jassen GmbH combined innovations from nature and science with inspirations from beauty, fashion and lifestyle, to create the brand OJESH as a synonym for beauty and care.

Beside research and production, Jassen GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg, is also responsible for marketing and sales of the products in all countries outside of Asia-Pacific region. For the Asian region, it has Shenzhen Yasen Jinyuan Technology Co, Ltd. as the operative headquarters in Shenzhen, China, as well as other subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore. Combining the power of nature with innovative technologies, OJESH is born – a brand that is locally rooted but globally connected.

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