Electronic Facial Spray

Skin booster on-the-go


Refreshment for the skin anywhere and anytime. An indispensable beauty tool!

OJESH Electronic Facial Spray

Enjoy a refreshing energy boost anywhere and anytime with OJESH Electronic Facial Spray. When filled with OJESH hyaluron ampoules, or your favourite toner, the spray will emit a fine mist that gives your skin an instant moisture boost and soothes irritated, sensitive skin. When filled with OJESH hyaluron ampoules, it can also be used before and after make-up to mattify the complexion and set the make-up. Its fine size makes it convenient to carry it around, making it a perfect refreshment during our daily busy routines! It is easily rechargeable using the USB cable that comes with the box.

  • Easily charged with USB cable
  • Compatible with OJESH ampoules, most toners and water
  • Refreshing and soothing mist
  • Calms irritated, sensitive skin
  • Instant moisture boost
  • Can be used with make-up
  • Fits in every handbag


Fill in the water tank of the spray with 5ml water and one OJESH ampoule (or a preferred toner). Turn the device on. Enjoy the fine mist that will give your skin an instant energy boost with long-lasting moisturising effects!