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No fillers
Natural ingredients
Animal friendly
Made in Germany

We are very proud that our products bear the Dermatest (5-star) seal of approval. The label gives our products a high level of quality, which we want to pass on to our customers.

As a manufacturer of high-quality natural cosmetics, we do not use substances that are harmful to the skin. For this reason we use natural plant extracts, which are beneficial and compatible for your skin.

Of course our products can be super combined, to give your skin the best possible care. First apply one of our ampoules, depending on your skin type, which gives your facial skin the necessary moisture. A final application one of our high quality creams ensures the renewal of the skin’s appearance, provides the skin with important nutrients and promotes the skin’s own regeneration processes. A combinationbetween our Lifting Mask and our creams is of course also possible. You can find out which products are suitable for you and how to combine them on our pages on the different skin types.

The products of OJESH are of course also suitable for men. Especially our newthe innovative Lifting Treatment For Men is designed for men’s skin and gives it a refreshing moisture boost.

Wir selbst führen keine Tierversuche an unseren Produkten durch, und begrüßen es, dass die Kosmetikindustrie immer tierfreundlicher wird.

Delivery is made to: Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. You can find all shipping conditions at: Ojesh shipping conditions

OJESH uses a very short-chain hyaluronic acid, also called oligo-hyaluronic acid. The smaller and shorter-chained the hyaluronic acid, the deeper it penetrates into the lowest layers of the skin. Normally, hyaluronic acids are very long-chain and hardly manage to penetrate the skin layers. With our oligo-hyaluronic acid, we reach the second of a total of three human skin layers, also called the dermis, which plumps up the skin from the inside and gives it all the active substances and moisture that it needs.

All our products are manufactured in Germany according to high standards. OJESH has its own laboratory at its headquarters in Nuremberg, where high-quality formulas are developed by our experienced scientists and chemists.

With a combination of natural and pure ingredients, without unnecessary fillers and a specially developed composition, our high-quality products care for your skin. We deliberately avoid substances that have no added value. Our products are fully dedicated to the care of your skin and that’s why we only put the ingredients in our formulas that are good for your skin.

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