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Our ampoule guide – power effect for the skin!

Ampoules are effective thirst quenchers for the skin. And much more! They tone, regenerate and work in an instant. What you need to know to…

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OJESH glow on the runway of China Fashion Week.

As the official skincare partner, OJESH gave the models at China Fashion Week more than just glow and glamour.

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Petra (10/2020) about Intensive Care Plus

"Are you ready to hit the road? Ampoules now conjure up a really great complexion in no time." That's how the editor of Petra's October 2020 issue tells us about OJESH Intensive Care Plus Ampoules. The full article:
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Successful TV debut: OJESH (guest) on QVC

"You will only find this combination at OJESH!" That's how Ramona Reif describes our Intensive Care Plus Serum with valuable oligo-hyaluron, edelweiss and hops extract. On April 26, the likeable beauty expert presented two of our revitalizing skincare products to [...]
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Grazie, GRAZIA! Und Grazie, Frau Dr. Lappe!

First cleanse, then care. In the Asia Special of the current GRAZIA May issue, Dr. Claudia Lappe reveals the secret of effective skin care: preparation and moisture or, in other words, hyaluronic acid. When it comes to natural better aging, [...]
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Bedtime is beauty time

Seven to eight hours of sleep work wonders for our body and complexion. While we slumber peacefully, our skin works at full speed. This is because our cells regenerate primarily during the evening and night hours. In order for our [...]
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Essential Skincare with OJESH.

There are days when you are simply dissatisfied with your own complexion. To make this a thing of the past in the future, we have collected some essential care tips for you that will make your complexion shine naturally.

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Bedtime is beauty time – thanks to OJESH.

So that our skin can recover optimally and you can of course start the day nicely, it is recommended to clean it gently first – e.B. with a care duo of milk and mild tonic.

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Doubly safe: care tips for “mask skin”

Stressed skin needs care. This is particularly important these days. Because under our everyday companion, the mouth-nose protection, moisture accumulates.

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