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Anyone who sits in this quarantine situation in the home office day in, day out, like me, probably also has the ceiling fall a little on their head! But wellness at home can also work in this special Corona time. I’ve been testing it for the past few days and I have to say: with these tricks I’m much more balanced and in addition my skin is glowing. From the inside and the outside!


Happy moments on your plate: the more colourful the better

Reward yourself and your skin with a colourful fruit and vegetable plate. Colourful and healthy – that puts you in a good mood. Whether it’s vitamin C from kiwis, potassium from apples as a nerve balm or B vitamins from pears, which are important for the immune system. By the way, protein keeps our skin in shape and strengthens it. Good sources are fish, eggs, milk, nuts, whole grains and soy products. Wellness at home starts with the right diet. Eat yourself beautiful!



Digital Detox

Admittedly, it’s hard for me to put my mobile phone down. And the home office is especially tempting to check your emails after work. But you should force yourself to set aside fixed times with Digital Detox. Because these are YOUR times when you should be undisturbed. So instead of a mobile phone and a laptop, reward yourself with a good book and a cup of tea!



Turn the bathroom into a spa

Turn your bathroom into a feel-good oasis. It’s not that difficult. You can start with green plants; a Ficus benjamina, for example, is particularly suitable here. The edge of the bathtub can be furnished with candles that lend a romantic light. Disturbing factors such as ticking clocks should be banished. Instead, I love to lie in the bath and listen to music. It’s so relaxing!

Your “private spa” now looks so beautiful that you like to spend time in it? Super! It’s even more pleasant with great fragrances and essential oils, preferably in the form of a fragrance lamp. This way, all your senses get a taste of wellness at home.


Ampoule treatment for a radiant complexion

For a super-fresh kick, your skin needs moisture. You can achieve the maximum with an ampoule treatment. I did it for 7 days and had great results. Of course, you can also extend the treatment to 14 or 21 days – depending on the condition of your skin! The plant extracts and especially the hyaluronic acid contained in the OJESH ampoules moisturise and soothe your skin at the same time. Through small molecules they penetrate deep into the skin and boost it. Already after the first application I notice a smoothing effect, which increases with each application. I use one ampoule every morning and pat it onto my facial skin, as well as my décolleté. My skin practically drinks the serum and thanks me at the end of the treatment with a smooth radiant complexion.

I wish you lots of fun with wellness at home. It has never been more important to feel good in your own four walls and to reward yourself. Enjoy your me-time!