The 1st OJESH LIVe Influencer Day

On 29th October 2020 the 1st OJESH LiVe Influencer Day took place at the Titanic Hotel Berlin – of course in compliance with the hygiene measures and the corresponding distance rules.

Interested bloggers and influencers came via our partner “Social Moms”; exciting and innovative keynote speeches were presented by the agency “Social Media King” (Influencer 2.0) from Karlsruhe and our marketing agency “black:port (LiVe Sales Tool) from Berlin.

Although the number of participants was limited due to the current situation, we were very pleased that we were able to exchange ideas with the influencer community and the digital marketing experts, also via an on-site Microsoft Teams call for further interested parties.

The main topic was the development and future of influencer marketing in general, as well as the presentation of innovative solutions and business approaches regarding digital sales offered by the brand OJESH.

Here, we pursue a clear goal: to revolutionise the ecosystem of social media e-commerce so that influencers and brands can build a more sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.

How this works was shown us exemplary by the speakers:

With a tool that is intuitive, transparent and extremely user-friendly, helping influencers generate more leads, track performances, and at the same time gain scope for brands.

Further workshops on this and other topics are planned for 2021, including international participation.

We would like to thank all participants for the successful event and their input.

If you are also interested in working with OJESH Influencer Marketing 2.0 to create and benefit from the advantages of our sales platform, please contact #OJESHLiVe!

More pictures:

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