Bedtime is beauty time

Seven to eight hours of sleep work wonders for our body and complexion. While we slumber peacefully, our skin works at full speed. This is because our cells regenerate primarily during the evening and night hours.

In order for our skin to recover optimally and for you to start the day in a naturally beautiful way, it is advisable to cleanse it gently first – e.g. with a care duo of milk and mild tonic. Afterwards, serums such as our Lifting Treatment Hyaluron Serum Classic Care can unfold their full, revitalizing effect and provide particularly intensive better-aging moments – without weighing down your complexion, of course.

Lifting Treatment Hyaluron Serum Intensive Care


Das belebende Serum aus hochkonzentrierter Oligo-Hyaluronsäure (0,8 %) und speziellen Pflanzenextrakten versorgt Ihre Haut mit viel Feuchtigkeit und verleiht ihr einen vitalen Glanz. Kleine Fältchen werden von innen aufgepolstert.

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Before going to bed, you can then use an overnight cream. The highly concentrated active ingredients contained in it have enough time to be absorbed deeply into the skin overnight, supplying it with important minerals and nutrients.

This way, you start each day with a radiantly fresh complexion and velvety-soft skin.

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