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Sun, sand, sea – these are not the everyday scenery of Germany but for our summer campaign together with a new cooperation partner, Rivièra Maison, we visited the far north of the country, at the Baltic Sea, to catch the right summer vibe, of course while complying to local hygiene regulations.

Under the motto „Summer, passion and beauty“, our photographer Katja Seibert / Seibold Fotografie (@katja_schleining) put our product highlights into stylish lifestyle stills.

The series of campaign photos transforms our ingredients and their efficacy into visual highlights.

Besides portraying the brand and its products, equally important was also joie de vivre of women and men who pamper themselves with a luxurious and nature-based product.

“Before a shooting, we make a shotlist with which our photographer and our model can get an impression of the look-and-feel of the shooting. But great photos are also the result of spur-of-the-moment ideas when we let creativity run its course. That often leads to unexpectedly gorgeous results,” said Stefan Leitz, Director of Marketing, Sales & Business Development, “A great round of applause for the Team and our partners. Great job! The hard work will be compensated by stunning pictures and much fun on set!”

OJESH Brand Ambassador Lorena Griessinger was the model of the shooting. Although the weather was far from what was expected (the water had only 12 degrees in the morning), Lorena showed nothing but professionalism and commitment, displaying the strength and dedication of OJESH women.

Photoshooting Riviera Maison

As the backdrop of the shooting, we have chosen a very special location – Beach Motel Heiligenhafen.

Styled with US-American beach house flair, the Hotel has 115 rooms, a lounge, a restaurant, the Flamingo Bar and a 700m² wellness area with a spa, a swimming pool, a sauna world, a chill-out lounge and a gym. The Beach Motel is also equipped with various event rooms, making it an excellent location for weddings, birthday parties and meetings.

Opened in 2016, Beach Motel Heiligenhafen was completely furnished by Rivièra Maison. The Hotel is situated between the Baltic Sea, an inland lake and the yacht harbour, providing a magnificent water-front view to most hotel facilities. The elegant style of its decoration and surroundings provided a perfect ambience for our luxury lifestyle shooting.

“We are glad and proud to be a cooperating partner with the Dutch furniture and furnishing house Rivièra Maison,” said Stefan Leitz, “Their unique combination of natural materials, modern design and luxurious finishing match our philosophy and goals perfectly: with our exclusively natural ingredients we are establishing ourselves as a market leader in the beauty and lifestyle segment.”

A big thank you to all hotel staff for your wonderful support during our stay. Special thanks also go to Kathrin Rezac, PR and Communications Manager of Rivièra Maison and her team, without whom the shooting would not have been possible. Our cooperation is an inspiring example of brands crossovers, where two different brands with similar values can work together to create such unique synergy.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Edda Carstens-Willich, owner of “Hampton Pier”, as well.”

More future projects with Rivièra Maison and Hampton Pier are on the agenda. Subscribe our social media channel to get the latest news!

About Rivièra Maison:

“Home is where you can be you” is the motto of Rivièra Maison. For the Dutch exclusive furniture and furnishing house is comfort and well-being the first priority. Inspired by a rustic, country house style, Rivièra Maison impresses its audience with unique designs and product sortiment every year. What makes Rivièra Maison special is the mixture of natural materials such as old wood with modern elements and exclusive designs. This combination creates a unique home environment.

A few “fun facts” about our 4-day shooting:

Water temperature: 12 Degrees

Pictures taken: 4,500

Coffee and tea: 50 Liter at least

Atmosphere: extremely lively despite the gloomy weather

Challenges: autograph hunters, high winds (though the hairstyles remained fabulous), fickle weather

Highlights: many, but the joyride with the Hotel’s VW minibus and being photobombed by a Beagel were definitely some major highlights