Bedtime is beauty time – thanks to OJESH.

Seven to eight hours of sleep work wonders for our body and complexion. While we slumber peacefully, our skin works at full speed. Because our cells regenerate mainly in the evening and night hours.

So that our skin can recover optimally and you can of course start the day nicely, it is recommended to clean it gently first – e.B. with a care duo of milk and mild tonic. Afterwards, serums such as our Lifting Treatment Hyaluron Serum Classic Care can unfold their full, revitalizing effect and provide particularly intense better aging moments – of course without burdening your complexion.

Before going to bed, you can then resort to an overnight cream. The higher concentrated active ingredients contained therein have enough time overnight to move deep into the skin and supply it with important minerals and nutrients.

So you start every day with a radiant fresh complexion and velvety-soft skin.

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