Our ampoule guide – power effect for the skin!

Ampoules are not only small, practical and handy, but have a real power effect for the skin. Because the active ingredients are highly concentrated and come immediately in the right dose. How to use the ampoules correctly and what experience I have gained with them, I tell you here.


How do I apply ampoules correctly?

To keep the serums in the small bottles germ-free, they are sealed airtight in the jar. Therefore, they should be used immediately after opening, so that no germs get in and your skin gets the full power of the serum. If I still have some left over, I put it on my décolleté or hands, they are happy too 😉

Attention when opening! If you do not have an ampoule opener, then take a cosmetic tissue and “crack” the bottle. Be sure to hold it straight so that the precious contents are not spilled!

After thorough cleansing, you can then simply apply the active ingredient to the facial skin, preferably by lightly patting it in!

Extra tip: If you put the serum in your palms beforehand, the warmth of your hands opens the pores. This way the OJESH serum penetrates even better into your skin layer. Please wait until everything is absorbed before you apply your usual cream!


Who should take ampoules?

My answer: Anyone who wants to do something really good for his skin. I take the OJESH ampoules now for 2 weeks, about every 2nd -3th day and my skin thanks. My pores have become finer and overall it just feels plumper and looks fresher! OJESH has taken advantage of the effect of hyaluron and that is just in the serums. Hyaluron is the water reservoir of the skin and provides elasticity and resilience. The great thing is that wrinkles are gently plumped up from the inside without any side effects. The small bottles contain a power substance deluxe that helps against skin aging.

A great “side effect” is the soothing effect of the plant substances. In other words, even young, irritated skin benefits from it.


What is in the OJESH ampoules?

In addition to the hyaluron described above, it also contains the following active ingredients:

– Tilia Cordata, which effectively accelerates the regeneration of skin cells

– patented noble white extract, which has a collagen-stimulating effect

Of course, OJESH products have different dosages and are suitable for different skin types. In the OJESH product wizard you can find out which serum is best for your skin.

Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß mit den Beauty-Ampullen, die Dir garantiert einen super Frühjahrs-Frischekick verleihen!

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