“Am I not beautiful?!” New podcast about self-acceptance and love

In the new podcast “Am I not beautiful!?”, presented by OJESH, Dr. Mustafa Narwan deals with the topic of beauty, self-acceptance and the pressure of a self-imposed expectation for perfect beauty. He took upon himself to strengthen and improve self-confidence and self-awareness.

Reaching the scalpel is easier than ever – Dr. Mustafa Narwan expresses his skepticism about this approach and answers questions from his guests in the podcast “Am I not beautiful?!”.

Each of us has our own flaws: Whether it’s a small or large chest, flabby arms, narrow lips or cellulite – many women and men doubt themselves – unfairly. Eventually, some display a perfect but totally different version of themselves on social media. Beauty ideals on social media are differentthan we know it from our real life – and that’s what unsettles us. We constantly compare ourselves to successful influencers and models,whose body and face were often treated with various invasive treatments. Thanks to special photo filters, their faces appear to be smoother, softer, poreless and more beautiful than your own. Our noses suddenly appear too big, the lips too thin and the eyes do not have the coveted almond shape. Unfortunately, snub noses and full lips are just a few of the many beauty trends that work on us more than we think.

“Am I not beautiful?!” – The theme of the first episode

We are constantly exposed to comparison with the influencers and stars and look at ourselves much more critically in the mirror. It is hard to withstand this pressure. It is no wonder that women and men begin to doubt themselves and their self-esteem decreases. But isn’t it much nicer to accept yourself as you are? After all, this makes us the person we are. Fortunately, there are also counter-movements in the meantime: more and more influencers are calling for more body positivity and demanding more reality on the social media platforms.

In the podcast “Am I not beautiful?!” Dr. Mustafa Narwan talks about distorted beauty ideals, one’s body image and self-confidence. Drawing examples from his expertise, he gives the listeners tips on how to resist the pressure of beauty imposed by the media.

The first episode was recorded with his guest Claudia Delorme and is now availableon all popular streaming services.

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