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„Diese Kombination finden Sie nur bei OJESH!“ So Ramona Reif über unser Intensive Care Plus Serum mit wertvollem Oligo-Hyaluron, Edelweiß- und Hopfenextrakt. Zur Primetime präsentierte die sympathische Beauty-Expertin ihren Zuschauer:innen am 26. April gleich zwei unserer revitalisierenden Skincare-Produkte. Unsere besonders [...]

The new partnership between the Itzehoe Eagles and OJESH has been in place since the beginning of this season. In the following interview, Stefan Leitz (Director Marketing, Sales & Business Development) explains the visions and opportunities that have arisen with this new cooperation.

On 29th October 2020 the 1st OJESH LiVe Influencer Day took place at the Titanic Hotel Berlin. The main topic was the development and future of influencer marketing in general, as well as the presentation of innovative solutions and business approaches regarding digital sales offered by the brand OJESH.

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